Sunday, November 15, 2009


Today is the one-year anniversary of the creation of Corresponding Fractions. The fraction in the title of this post denotes the number of posts (including this one) I've done here over the past 365 days.

As a way of reviewing the year, I've listed my Favorite Fractions, the posts that seemed most worth saving, on the right margin under the list of labels.

Thanks for all of your responses, the ones posted here, on Facebook, by e-mail, and in person! Here's to another year.

And, as another way of expressing the goal of all this, a reworking of an Arthur Miller dictum (check out the last paragraph of this speech):

Whatever is not [blogged] disappears forever.


Kate in Chicago said...

As a person who hates throwing away letters and has to write down a memory for each day on her calendar, I like the idea that all my saved crap is art that could've been lost forever. On the other hand, I think Dad would cringe to hear what I'm hoarding.

framiko said...

Ha! But Mom would be proud.... Have you looked at your baby book lately?