Friday, April 2, 2010

Musical Doodles

My friend Eric is fond of the saying, "Even a blind pig finds a truffle occasionally."

I like it, too, and it's in the spirit of this adage that I humbly present some musical doodles: around twenty minutes of music, seven songs composed and performed by me, under the title Blind Pig Truffles.

Click to go to sendspace, where you can download these tracks. Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the screen for the download link.

1) Dusk


Adrienne said...

Frank - I didn't know you played!

Blaine said...

Hey Frank,

I'm trying to listen to your songs but I keep getting an error message saying that Windows doesn't recognize m4a files. :-/

Have you considered uploading your tunes to a Myspace music page?


framiko said...

Adrienne--I don't claim any particular skill, but I've been playing guitar for about 11 years.

Blaine--Sorry for the difficulties. I've changed all the song formats to mp3, so I hope they'll work for you now. Thanks!

Blaine said...

Good stuff, Frank! They all sound like they were written on your front porch...I dig. Glad you're still making music.

framiko said...

Thanks, Blaine. Yeah, I think on some of the tracks you can hear my daughters playing in the background.