Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Birds

Mowing the lawn the other day, I noticed a scattering of twigs by the downspout on the side of our house.

I soon realized the source of this curious assemblage: some birds nesting up near the eaves.

Look at that beady eye, mocking me.

I've had trouble with this in the past. The birds end up crapping all over the sidewalk and the house and adding to the decay of the paint job, which as you can see is already not in the best shape.

Since Saturday, I've climbed out on the porch roof and sprayed out nascent nests three times, but almost immediately these birds get right back to it.

Today, finally, I sprayed out the nest with the bird in it. Maybe now it'll get the message.


Macduff said...

"What all my pretty chickens and their dam in one fell swoop. Oh hell-kite...Did you say all?"

framiko said...

Apparently I'm no Macbeth. The bird was back up there within a couple hours.

Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow ... I'll still be dealing with these damn birds.

Macduff said...

I think you mean to say,
"I have scotched the snake, not killed it. She'll close and be herself while our poor self remains in danger of her former tooth."