Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Down on The Wire

At the Boston Globe, Ishmael Reed raises some objections about The Wire that are similar to those I explored here. The biggest difference: I love The Wire; Reed doesn't.

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madandy said...

i was hopping to the defense of the wire against reed when i remembered saying sort of the same thing to myself at some point when i was watching it. i had moments very much like you did in cherokee park, and wondered if the show was adversely affecting me.

still, one of the only users that we get to know is jimmy, bubbles' main partner in crime, and the fourth season's randy and foster mom, bunny colvin, and the team that helps cutty put together the boxing club all seem to contradict reed's characterization of the show.

your old post mentions the corner, the miniseries that preceded the wire. it's based on a book of the same name that i found to be an incredible exposition in long form of david simon's and ed burns's intellectual basis for the wire. i could not recommend it enough.