Wednesday, November 17, 2010

To Take a Place in the World

I like this little bit from Richard Brody:

The first challenge that young people must face—whether they state it this way or not—is to exist, to take a place in the world: to do fulfilling things, to make a living, to look for love, to go beyond the assumptions of home and family and discover their own identities and abilities.

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Kate said...

Thanks for posting this quote.

As a fine lady once said, "I hope one thing you always know and remember is that the world owes you nothing. No person owes you anything. The joy, the happiness, and the peace you will seek will only come from your own hard work. The kindness and love that you give to others will come back to you a million times over—but don’t think it will come to you first. Some folks are too shy, so you be the first to give."