Monday, February 2, 2009

Everything is Free, Vol. 2

I've posted a few links to things about what the Internet means for journalism, writing, and publishing. Today Bill McClellan has a funny piece about this—funny but also tinged with sadness. It's McClellan at his best. 


Kate in Chicago said...

I liked that piece. Here's a piece from Time magazine about how to save your newspaper. Isaacson states although we can imagine a time without newspapers in some cities, we are also approaching a time where magazines and newspapers are more popular than before - even though they're online. He says we should have an iTunes-easy method of micropayment.,8599,1877191,00.html

framiko said...

Thanks for the link. That's a good article. I wonder how my internet surfing activity would change if I had to pay for reading articles. Five, ten cents, even a quarter doesn't seem too high for certain articles.

This article makes me think that we're living in strange times--in a kind of temporary anarchy that might be looked back on as an enchanted time for readers, though bad for writers.